Sex & Wilderness Retreat

Deeply Connect to Nature, Self, & Other

August 21st - 23rd, 2020

Rocky Mountains of Colorado

For Singles, Couples, and MoreSomes

All Genders, Sexual Orientations, & Relationship Styles Welcome

Exclusive & Intimate- Maximum of 12 participants


What will the Sex & Wilderness Retreat do for you?

Deep Intimate Connection

Have you been feeling disconnected and isolated from other humans lately? Do you often feel disconnected from your partner? Or do you desire a partner with emotional connection? Reconnect and experience emotional intimacy with yourself, with nature, and with other humans in the safety of the wild outdoors...

Freedom to  Explore

You yearn for the freedom to explore your deepest most fulfilling desires... but you have been struggling... maybe for years.... Learn and experience powerful life-changing processes to get past your fears, blocks, and resistances...  feel the exquisite freedom to be who you really are.

Consent & Communication

Masterfully co-create your personal growth desires & your boundaries with a facilitated conversation that includes Consent, Confidentiality, Care, Consciousness, Curiosity, Contribution, Community, and Celebration so you can expand into who you really are without fear of regret and contraction.

Feel Fully Satisfied

When was the last time you felt fully and deeply satisfied... both emotionally and sexually? Learn your Erotic Blueprint and learn your routes to arousal... find your Voice and realize that you have able to ask for what you really want... learn negotiating skills... put these into practice... and feel fully fed.

Community of Acceptance

Have you struggled to be fully accepted by a partner? by your family? by your self?  Feel fully accepted for who you are, without judgements, without assumptions, without shame and guilt... welcome to a new family community...WE GOT YOU.

Confidence to be You

Are you comfortable with your sex education and knowledge? Do you want to be a better lover? Do you have issues with arousal, erections, orgasm, or ejaculation regardless of your biology? Get the adult sex education you never got, attract the partner of your dreams, reignite the passion in your relationship, regain the confidence to be YOU.


Opportunities to Feed Erotic Blueprints


There will opportunities to explore and feed your Erotic Blueprints throughout the weekend...solo and/or partnered... Nature Journaling, Breathing Exercises for Expanding Pleasure, Observation and Meditation, Skinny Dipping, Savoring Delicious Food, Photography, Rope Bondage with two Guest Rope Experts, Movement in Nature, Hiking, Off-Trail Wandering & Navigation, Scouting for Flora and Fauna, Plant & Ecology Identification, Fire Building and Lighting with a Bow-Drill (if Fire Ban is lifted), Naked Sunbathing, Night Sky Watching...Stars, Moon, Milky Way,... The options are almost endless...



Need..........      Space........  Time.....    Tease... Anticipation.......

IMG_5094 3.jpg


Mmmm...yes...  Romantic Dinner...  Beautiful Environment... It smells great in here....


I'm naked. I'm ready. Yes.

IMG_5095 3.jpg


Anything outside my norm....   
so creative...     light....  dark...   fun...      healing...

IMG_3655 2.jpg


I want it ALL!
MORE Plleeeeaaaasssseeeeee.....
Yes, Yes, YES!

Misty Slope
Camping in the Wilderness

Daytime & Overnight Accommodations

We will be car camping/tent camping in a dispersed camping area for both Friday and Saturday nights... 

  • This means that we will be in a private camping area that is fairly remote with no ameneties... we will not be in a campground surrounded by people...

  • We will be learning and practicing Leave No Trace rules... we will pack out all garbage and be digging "Catholes" or "Latrines" for human waste... (if you have never done this and are worried about it, know that Nicki is fairly new at pooping in the woods too and now she loves it!  Ryan has 30+ years of experience and has taught many people to poop in the woods... he is so funny and sweet about it, he had Nicki and daughter giving 5 star poop ratings right from the start!)

  • We will have plenty of fresh mountain air, land, stream and lake to ourselves to feed all of our Erotic selves and our immune systems!!!


Covid-19 Collective Care

So that we are practicing collective care for the most vulnerable in our society during a pandemic and can comply with Covid-19 Protocols:

  • All participants will need to drive their own vehicle, AWD is recommended but 2WD is doable. We will meet at a location with reliable cell service and caravan from there.

  • All participants will need to bring their own food, coolers, ice, etc... We may be able organize some meals based on our Consent Conversation

  • All participants will need to bring their own camping gear... we have a gear library if you need to borrow... be prepared for hot sunny days, thunderstorms and rain, and cold nights... the shapeshifter's delight!...  a gear and prep list will be provided...

  • All participants will need to bring a mask and practice physical distancing as needed

  • Please let us know if you become ill or have been knowingly exposed to Covid-19 within 15 days of the retreat start date


Your Facilitators... Nicki Snow

Relationship, Sex, & Intimacy Expert

Over the last 30 years, Nicki has become an expert in all things human body, from anatomy and physiology to human sexuality. She has helped people step into a more empowered relationship with their body and mind, helping them to achieve what they want in their life. She was one of only 50 people in the world, and 1 of only 5 women that was hand selected to be a Master Certified Muscle Activation Specialist. Since that time, she has worked with some of the greatest experts in their fields like Jaiya, creator of the Erotic Blueprints and consultant for Tony Robbins’ Platinum clients; Joseph Kramer, creator of Sexological Bodywork; Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist and consciousness researcher; and Satyen Raja, Founder of Accelerated Evolution. She is the creator of the Authentic Masculinity 90 day program, where she helps men who are feeling guilty about their desires for sex and intimacy. Nicki loves the outdoors, nature, wilderness, Mother Earth, and adventuring; she enjoys hiking, biking, wandering, backpacking, camping, getting dirty, gardening barefoot, sunbathing naked, skinnydipping, photography, art, nature journaling, and is even learning to sail. She is over-the-moon excited to be sharing the intersections of eroticism, sex, intimacy, and the wild with you!

Your Facilitators... Ryan Pleune

Wilderness & Ecology Expert

Ryan resides on stolen native land. His house in SE Denver and the school he teaches in occupy Tsêhéstáno (Cheyenne) and Hinono'eino (Arapaho) ancestral land. Land to make Denver was stolen through treaties never translated and probably not understood. He is a mountain climber, bowhunter and back-country skier who has been an educator since 2000, starting as a wilderness therapy instructor for adjudicated youth in Montana. He began teaching Earth Systems and Biology at East High School in Salt Lake City in 2004, and has an MS in Ecological Teaching and Learning. He has worked as a carpenter and community organizer, taught science electives, and drove the school bus for the Salt Lake Center for Science Education. He founded the Service and Adventure Program for Pacific Heritage Academy, an EL Education K-8  public charter school in SLC, and currently works as the Adventure and Health Specialist at Joe Shoemaker Expeditionary Learning  School in Denver, CO. His heart and soul are rooted in the inter-mountain west bio-region, but like most Americans his relatives are immigrants. He grew up in Denver, Colorado with parents from New York  and Wisconsin. Their relatives immigrated to the U.S. from Holland and France. In his free time he works on addressing climate change from a social justice perspective and sometimes listens to youth wisdom before listening to adults.


Bonus #1

Pre-Retreat Zoom Call

We will have a pre-retreat Zoom call with all participants so that we can meet each other virtually, have some Q & A time, and start to cultivate a safe container!

Bonus # 2

Post-Retreat Integration Zoom Call

It's not over yet! We will host a  post-retreat zoom call where we will help you to ground, stabilize, and integrate your new knowledge and experiences into your everyday life again.


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